The Wonders of Yesteryear: Stonehenge


The Wonders of Yesteryear: Stonehenge

Some believe that life ceases to surprise us as we age –that boredom sets in. However, the wonders of the human spirit still surprise me –not necessarily the spirit of my contemporaries, as I fear we have become victims of predictability. It’s our more “primitive” ancients that inspire my amazement.

I’ve strolled along the path at Stonehenge and admired the stones, carefully placed in their formations. I was struck with awe and wonder. What could Stonehenge have been five thousand years ago? What secrets and mysteries do the stones protect? I imagine tribes and nations coming before its priests and priestesses at the stones to consult the awesomeness of their gods –stones surrounded by forest, veiling and creating unfathomable mystery, fires burning high and illuminating the greatness of our human spirit.

I’m reminded of old Hebrew verses in the Tanakh & Christian Old Testament, “The Lord came down to look at the city and tower that man had built, and the Lord said, ‘If, as one people and one language for all, this is how they have begun to act, then nothing that they may propose to do will be out of their reach’” (Genesis 11:5-6).


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Ireland| County Clare | Dysert O’Dea Castle

Ireland| County Clare | Dysert O’Dea Castle

Of the many things to love about Ireland, I like how you can get to the middle of nowhere in no-time and somewhere just as quickly. It’s important that you lose your fear of getting lost. If you venture into Ireland’s less traveled paths, you’ll be as fortunate as we were when we arrived at Dysert O’Dea Castle  in County Clare.


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Dysert O’Dea Castle

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Coordinates for Dysert Castle:  52.9113842, -9.0685674

Approaching Dysert O’Dea Castle

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